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— Cooking and eating whatever the Sun and the Earth can produce in a day.

Watching the garden grow gently, it helps you put your own growth into perspective.

Words: Ines Ivkovic

—  There are children fortunate enough to have a grandfather who wakes up at four in the morning preceding the rooster; someone who puts on an apron made of thick cotton bought a few decades ago, lights the stove to make some coffee and then with hot mugs in his hands approaches the bed to wake up grandma; a grandpa who grows his own vegetables and grandma who cooks whatever the Sun and the Earth can produce in a day.

A few months ago I met a gentleman who grows genuine orchards and an organic vegetable garden on the nearby hills, and he soon became my studio’s client. It was time for him to start to grow his small family-owned business. He was thinking about opening a humble and genuine restaurant with smiley staff and simple service, cooking meals with his homegrown fruits and vegetables. When I visited the property I was struck how beautiful and uncommon it was to see people embracing the slow living. Since then every Wednesday, a small white van comes down the hills carrying our weekly fruit and vegetable box full of produce with an earthy scent.

Sometimes we go and pick up the produce ourselves, and we visit the garden. I think that watching things grow gently, it helps you put your own growth into perspective. Now that I cook only seasonal veggies, we often eat same fruits cooked in new ways, but then just in time to feel the monotony, the Earth surprises us and brings something else to the table.

While unpacking the box, the other day Carlo noticed “But these are all different tomatoes.” Umberto instead observed his peach carefully, he turned it round to notice a small spot: “I don’t like this.” But then I saw Edoardo. He was eating his tomato as if it was an apple.

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