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— If you happen to be in Florence these days, there’s a beautiful experience to sample in one of the Italian most remarkable truffle forests.
Go hunting truffles in the Tuscan countryside with Giulio and his dog Eda.

Words: Ines Ivkovic

— You’ll meet Giulio in an enchanting place, at Gastronomia Galanti, one of the finest food shops in Florence, filled with all sorts of Tuscan delicacies, and you’ll start off with wines and fresh fruit juices and bruschetta, generously furnished with freshly-hunted truffles.
“We’ll all get to know each other as you sniff, sample, and sip,” says Giulio.

Then you’ll venture into the beautiful truffle forest, just 15 minutes outside Florence, where Giulio’s dog, Eda, will lead the way. Back at Giulio’s house, filled with paintings, poems, and truffle memorabilia, he’ll show you how to properly clean truffles and enhance their earthy taste.
“We’ll wrap up by sitting down at the table for a leisurely tasting where I will show you how truffles can be combined with a variety of specialities, including ice cream,” says Giulio.

Duration: two days, six hours.
Where: Florence, Italy
Cost: 180€ / person


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