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— With school and September breakfasts right around the corner, perhaps it’s time to think about how to transform your kitchen into a mood-lifting morning spot.
How to take advantage of starting your day in no meaningful order, letting the kitchen table be your roof while putting some exciting ceramic plates in the works.

Let the kitchen table be your roof.

—  Invite your children to enjoy breakfast under the kitchen table. If you like to have comfy legs, this isn’t exactly the right occasion, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how this experience can deliver an epic view of the world above. Placing a few soft rugs on the ground might prove useful.

Take advantage of starting your day in no meaningful order.

—  Reverse the sequence of meals and enjoy a delicious dinner at breakfast time. Sampling goulash early in the morning may well not be something for which you’ve trained your stomach, and you may feel a little nausea, but don’t worry, have a look at the expression on your children’s faces and be ready to have a proper breakfast… for lunch

Put some exciting ceramic plates in the works.

—  Head out to Faenza to take some pottery lessons and produce your own set of ceramic plates under the olive trees. Write your message “Buongiorno”, “Enjoy” on the terracotta or add the initials and names of your family members to your newly baked plates. Savour your breakfast from your handmade goodies and transform your day into something new.

‘Face Plates’ by Jean Jullien x Case Studyo.

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